Terms & Conditions

iheartSVG free SVGs are for personal use only. Any person or persons, company or otherwise using free content to produce anything sold or of commercial use will be subject to fines or otherwise.

iheartSVG does offer commercial use licenses. Please check out with one commercial use item per SVG used in commercial instance. Instances for commercial use include but are not limited to selling handmade or printed items. Commercial use DOES NOT apply to purchase and use the art in any way to sell in it’s original form. (You can not resell as your own SVG.)

Commercial use applies to creating quantities of 500 items or less. If you would like an extended license for mass production please contact iheartsvg@gmail.com for a custom quote.

iheartSVG does not accept returns or exhanges on any of it’s purchased material. However if you have any issues please contact iheartsvg@gmail.com.

There are no commercial licenses offered on bundles purchased. All bundle SVG purchases are for personal use ONLY.