How to start a blog to make money

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If you’ve ever thought about blogging as a side hustle or even as a bigger career there has never been a time better then right now to get started. Bloggers are making more money then ever and there’s no reason why you can’t get in on that piece of blogging pie.


Start with the things you know and love the most. The first thing you need to do is define your niche topic. If you need help picking out a topic read my article here. Start with something you know and love and define your audience from there


This part is really fun. I always say go big with your blog and do it right the first time, otherwise you’ll spent a lot of time revamping as you grow from a tiny site to a larger website. Get a GoDaddy account and set up your URL and hosting (I use word press) from the start. GoDaddy has some great easy set up navigation to get started. And if you get stick you can give them a call. I have always gotten great customer service whenever I had to call. Using GoDaddy (or which ever service you decide on) set up your website. If graphic design isn’t your jam, I recommend Etsy to purchase your logo from. They have some great logo designers and really pretty logos to choose from with a great range of prices for everyone’s budget. Need a theme for your website? Etsy has that too.

Once you’ve gotten your website set up you are ready to get starred!


The very first thing you want to do is start posting. Make sure you content is relevant to your niche and write in a way that is fun and engaging. Most people don’t come to a blog to hear an encyclopedia speak. They are there to engage with you!


Your camera phone will come in handy here. Use the editing tool or free apps to edits your pics like a pro. Making a craft? Take pictures of different angles and poses. People will want to see your project in different positions because it makes them feel like they are right there looking at it with you. Use a lot of white backgrounds for easy picture editing and post a lot of photos with your blog.


You’ve got your blog, your amazing logo and you’ve been posting content regularly. (Pref on a schedule 3 times a week!) Now what? It’s time to get social. If you are just starting out, DO NOT make every social media account on the internet and try to post all your content in a merri-go-round of places. That will drive you bananas.

What I do instead is pick one or two platforms that your audience engages with the type of content you are posting the most. What does that mean? It means that if you are a stay home mom blogging about home school, you find most similar content on Facebook and Pinterest. Are you a writer with a Etsy shop? Maybe that’s Twitter and Tumblr.

For FREE SVGs (iheartsvg) I picked Pinterest to tackle first, and Facebook. Once you pick your platforms, make banners and headers with your logo so everything matches and everyone knows where you are coming from.


Most bloggers don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on internet advertising. Therefore let me introduce you to your new best friend, the native ad.

I’ve worked in marketing, web design and graphic design for over a decade and this has always been a secret word. What exactly is a native ad? Well, you probably look at them all the time and don’t even know it. Because native ads are just that, native.

A native ad is a small tid bit of fun (let me say that word again, FUN) information that you as a viewer WANT to look at or read, and do so. It’s not a commercial that you are forced to watch. Or an ad that runs before an article pops up. It’s something inside the article that you are reading that you don’t even realize is part of the ad. What are some examples of a native ad?

Sponsored blog post – Sponsored content are articles written up to look JUST LIKE other regular articles but are sponsored by a company that paid the writer or blogger to write the ad. You probably see this all the time with Instagram influences.

Videos – Ever see those Buzzfeed videos of recipes? Or some DIY craft? Those videos are either paid for by the advertiser OR made to drive you back to the Buzzfeed site to look at other ads and articles.


In short it means a freebie. You may not be able to create a video or have someone sponsor you for a blog post as a brand new blogger. But what you can do is give away something for free on your website. This is the native ad, and this will drive people back to your website where you can retain views.

Examples of freebies to get started?

  • Printable
  • Invitations
  • Recipes
  • Tutorials
  • Craft Ideas
  • Graphics
  • Planner Pages
  • Knitting / Sewing Patterns
  • Comics
  • Funny Memes
  • How To Instructions

Your idea for your freebie is the native ad your viewers will look at, not knowing it’s an ad, and come back to your site.


Now that you have your native ads directing people back to your site, and you are using social media to gain a following it’s time for the ads. Ad placement is one of the biggest an easiest ways to make money blogging and google absence is the biggest platform to go so. Set up an account on google ad sense and start running ads on your site. If you are using word press, there are some easy plug ins that’ll help get you starred.


Keep a blogging / social media posting schedule and STAY CONSISTENT. No one whats to hear that you got busy for 46 months and didn’t have time to post. WE ARE ALL BUSY.

Stay relevant with your niche and don’t post outside your topic of expertise.

Engage with your audience, answer emails, reply to post, and be a friend!

Don’t go crazy with your blog look. Keep things simple and tasteful.

Take good pictures! I know not everyone is a photographer, but watch some tutorials online and get the right look and feel for all your pictures.

Most of all HAVE FUN!

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