How to find your blogging niche

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Some people are born with the ability to know exactly what their passion is. Like hair color or a favorite food, their passion is stored somewhere in the genetic makeup of their DNA. If this is you, then whatever your passion is, that is your niche.

But if you’re like me, you might like a lot of things across the board because your interest, for whatever reason are varied. This isn’t a bad thing, neither is being born knowing what your passion is. But what can make it hard is not knowing exactly what you want your ‘blogging passion’ to be. Especially if you like babysitting AND cooking AND snow boarding AND making jewelry.


Start by making a list, and always begin by what topics you are an expert in. What does this mean? Did you go to cooking school? Then you are an expert at cooking. Did you spend a year at a fashion school? Then you are qualified as a fashion expert. Use your experience to sling-shoot you into an area of knowledge. The internet isn’t looking for degrees and certifications, they are looking for real life experience and people who can give them advice, tips and know how.


Don’t stop there, keep going with your list. You may not be an expert interior designer, but you LOVE decorating your home. Add home decor. List out all your passions and hobbies really feeling how much joy and love each one brings to you. Pull your list back and take a look and what you’ve written. There should be about three or four things you really love to do. For example it could be reading, baking and DIY home decor.


You already know this but the internet is an ocean of bloggers who have already mastered broad topics like baking, sewing and DIY. To be successful you really need to narrow down your niche. Love baking? Maybe macaroons are your favorite treat to make. Then perhaps your blog can be about the art of perfecting and making macaroons. If you are an avid DIY-er, what’s your favorite thing to make? Like home decor? Maybe it’s re-purposing old furniture, or finding old pieces and repainting them into something new. You see it’s more then a broad topic, it’s a niche. Something about your blog that makes it special and sets you apart. Now don’t go too crazy. Some niches just won’t have enough popularity to ever see any growth. Love cat knitting comics? I do too, but there might not be a big audience for that topic.

For general reference the biggest audience online are for these topics, health and fitness, making money blogging, cooking, beauty and fashion and lifestyle.


Some niche blog ideas for these categories can be…

Vegan baking

Sustainable fashion choices

Clean or chemical free beauty and makeup

Making extra money as a stay home mom

Filipino cooking and baking

Kid friendly healthy recipes

Keto lifestyle blog

Office / What to wear to work fashion blog

Makeup and Beauty tips for over 40

Gluten free dinners

A niche is about finding a small topic that you are or can become an expert on. Once you find that niche you can start growing ideas on what to write or make that would make seance to your blog.

Do you have a blog idea niche? Write it down in the comments below and lets hear all your ideas!

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