Easy SEO for Bloggers

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SEO can seem like a really scary concept for beginner bloggers. Especially if you find yourself googling SEO an getting loads of articles. it can seem a bit underwhelming.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s basically how the internet and search engines that you want to be on like google, read and index your website.


Indexing your website simply means that google has used their spider bots (yes! they exist) to crawl your website and read all the information. Once the information is read and categorized, google indexes it based on how valuable and searchable the information on your website is. It also places it in a ranking system, and that’s basically how some websites get to be in the first pages (and get the most hits) from google. But it can also meant hat if your website is mis-categorized or difficult to read it gets placed in the last pages where no one searches because all the good pages are upfront.


One if the hardest concepts of SEO is that there is no specific ‘rules’ to follow or checklist. There are mainly suggestions you can do to improve your website’s readability and ultimately it’s ranking on searchable pages.


I’ve heard SEO be described as low hanging fruit and a long game. Low hanging fruit because it’s basically apples no one else bothers to pick at because they can be placed in tedious places. And a long game because improving your SEO score will not help your blog overnight, but will improve your search results over time.


Start naming all your images with what you want your site to be known for. For example most of IheartSVG’s images are named something like ‘free-svg-purple-umbrella.jpeg’. It’s gives the name, a description as well as the concept of the website which is providing free SVGs.

Name your post and pages something long. Don’t simply name your post ‘DIY Valentines day craft’. Expand the name to something more meaty. ‘Cricut Valentines Crafts with FREE SVG Cut File Download’ Include your topic as many times as you can.

Download SEO Plugins. If you’re using WordPress, you have the option to download some free plugins that will help you track your SEO. My favorite is Yost SEO and it helps give each post/page a score so you can see if you are missing anything.

Use A TON of keywords. I know some bloggers will think keywords are dead, but USE THEM. And make up long tail keywords also. If you’re using WordPress the keywords will be on the right hand corner and you will be able to use a bunch. For example don’t JUST use the keyword ‘free svgs’. Keep going into more long-tail examples like ‘cricut projects for beginners’ ‘free svgs for back to school’ ‘cricut design space free graphics’. The longer the keyword is the more likely you will be the only one with that keyword in your blog post, so if people are searching, your blog will come up first.

Backlinks are your friend. Google likes it when other places link to your stuff. Think of it like a search engine popularity contest, the more links you have to your awesome content, the more popular you are on the googles searchable pages. How can you start linking your post? PINTEREST! Post everything to Pinterest, so others can rep pin, and indirectly re-post your content. Also don’t forget the power of backlinking back to yourself. Have a great article you want to refer to? Link to it on your site.

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