Make this Manifesting graphic Shirt with our Cricut tutorial

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This is a super easy Cricut tutorial, even for a beginner. With such a small graphic placement you can even use scrap or left of heat transfer vinyl. Perfect project if you are just looking for instant gratification or for a beginner Cricut-er!

I LOVE these types of graphic tees. They are really easy to make and instead of paying for a new shirt you can just make one yourself. This easy Cricut tutorial is for the manifesting shirt that has a faux side pocket placement. This is a fun way to display your graphic tee message without it being overbearing, or huge on your shirt. Not only do I love making these kinds of shirts, I love the simplicity of the design.

What you need to make this Cricut tutorial

A cotton shirt in the color of your choice

Heat transfer vinyl also in the color of your choice


Iron or heat press

Making your graphic tee

First measure the space you want your graphic to be placed on. Since I was going with the right hand pocket placement area, I measured about 5 inches across on a size L Bella and Canvas shirt. You can use my measurements but you might need to make your graphic smaller or larger depending on your shirt size.

Next, download your SVG and place it into Design Space. For the Manifesting shirt graphic you can purchase your design HERE.

Once you have your graphic in Design Space match the size of the graphic to the size you measured on your shirt. (Since this design is so small it’s perfect to use with left over heat transfer vinyl.)

Since we are using heat transfer vinyl, you will want to mirror your design. Don’t skip this part because if you do, your design will be backwards in the final result.

Cut out and weed your project. Peel up your vinyl from it’s board and start to place it on your T Shirt. I put my shirt on a Cricut Mat but you can use folded towels just as easily.

Adjust about how you want it to appear on your shirt.

If you are using the Cricut Easy Press for this Cricut tutorial, set the settings for what is shown in the image. I found that pressing too long or more then 15 seconds at 305 actually causes the vinyl to melt and not be as sticky over time. This is the best setting and temperature to make sure your project lasts.

Once you have pressed, wait for your project to cool just slightly and peel off the clear coating of the vinyl of your Cricut project.

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