Make this Cricut project (And download the free svg!)

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This is a super fun and easy Cricut project for a beginner. Or for someone more advanced who just wants to make something fast and fun!

Recently I switched from being a daily coffee drinker, to tea. In all honestly I thought it was going to be a awful long process of painfully switching my caffeine fix, but I found myself liking tea right away. To commemorate my new favorite drink I decided to finally make something of this mug I purchased at the Dollar Tree over year or so before. (Yes I know I’m THAT person.)

If you’ve recently just got a brand new Cricut (YAY!) I’ve snapped some photos to walk you along the process. I do use contact paper because that is the only method I’ve found that works with mugs without wanting to pull your hair out.

What you’ll need for this Cricut mug project

Our Cricut mug project is pretty straight forward so you won’t need too many ‘extras’. You will need your Cricut (or any cut machine) and whatever program you use. If you are a Cricuter like me, it’ll be Design Space. Like I said earlier this was just a mug I purchased at the Dollar Tree but you can pick up any mug that works. My favorites are thrift shop mugs. Pick up a bunch on your next shopping trip, even if they have designs on it. You can rub off the design with a good Acetone nail polish remover and cotton ball. (Just be careful! It really sticks… So make sure you are in a well ventilated area.)

For this Cricut mug project I used Oracle Permanent Vinyl. I’ve found it works best for most Cricut projects. I purchased it in sheets for about .50 cents to a dollar at Michaels. I usually buy a bunch on sale in neutral colors like black and white because I know I’ll use them eventually.

Last you will need some contact paper. I bought a huge roll a long time ago at Walmart and I can’t remember how much it was but I’ve been using it forever and it last a long time.

Cricut mug project steps

Download the free SVG HERE and import it into Design Space. Make sure you measure the size of the cup you are using and what size you want the image to cut.

Cut the image out on your Cricut. (You do not have to mirror the design for this project.)

Peel up the outlaying vinyl with your Cricut tool or tweezers.

There are some tedious dots on the tea bag to give it a little decoration so weed those out carefully. The cup I used was pretty small so the little triangles in my A’s in ‘wanna’ and ‘make’ didn’t really make it. (RIP) But that’s OK because consistency is key in design and as long as they are both off we are good.

Once you’ve weeded out what you do not need, cut out a piece of contact paper a little larger then your design. Peel off the paper from the backing to reveal the adhesive side and lay right down on your vinyl cut.

Using a credit card or that weird shaped tool Cricut has, gently run it across the design smashing out all the air bubbles.

Placing the vinyl on your Cricut project

Start to peel the corner up and the vinyl cut will come off with the contact paper. If you have some stubborn pieces, lay the contact paper flat again and re-rub the vinyl. Eventually with some work it will come up.

When you have your entire design on the contact paper adjust it onto your mug, vinyl, contact paper and all. BE CAREFUL because the whole thing is really sticky and once it touches the mug you won’t really be able to adjust it.

Lay your design on your mug and using the weird tool again push out any air bubbles.

Carefully peel off your contact paper revealing only the vinyl left on your cup.

Tips for success

If you mess up, don’t worry just peel off the transfer and try again. However if your vinyl is ripped or stretched you may have to recut. (Yes I did this… no one is perfect.)

After you have your final design placed on the cup push on the vinyl and make sure every corner is STUCK to the cup.

Although I have ran cups I’ve made through the dishwasher I would definitely recommend washing by hand just to make sure all the little parts stay in tact.

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