Make Customized Water Bottles With Your Cricut

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I have slowly been switching out the plastic in our home to move towards more eco-friendly things. It’s not always been a success, I haven’t really found a shampoo bar that I like and we still have some plastic items. One thing that I saw was that we were still using plastic water bottles. Even though they were reusable, I just didn’t like the idea that ‘one day’ they would be in a landfill. With that being said I decided to pick up a bunch of non-brand cheap-o metal water bottles on Amazon. I bought them in bulk and didn’t really think about the color until they all arrived and realized I bought them all in white. (Who picks white?!) Anyway to keep everyone (and by everyone I mean husband + kids and not me) confused I decided to craft everyone’s name on them. The first of that being daughter #2 Luxy.

To craft your water bottles you will need a few things. Permanent adhesive vinyl, (I used the holographic Cricut vinyl because I bought it for something else and never used it so it was sitting in my stash.) contact paper for easy transferring and your water bottle (preferably mental).

You can quickly make a name in pretty font in Cricut Design space and it takes five seconds. First open up design space and if you have a slow ASF computer go get a drink while it opens up.

First click on the text maker to create a text box. It’ll create a goofy box with some weird font in it…but trust in the process. Write the name of your kid in the box. (Or whoever you’re making the water bottle for.)

Click in the font picker in he menu bar and choose either a font you have by select device, or click on a Cricut Design Space font. I would personally upload a font at that I want to use because it’s free. Cricut has some nice fonts but they cost $. You can use any font at if you are using it for personal use.

Next use the letter space tool in the menu bar to attach those ‘monkey tails’. If you don’t know what monkey tails are, they are the extending part of the letter that is supposed to connect in handwriting or cursive font.

Now cut out your design. In the picture my mat is janky so I usually use painters tape to attached any vinyl. That’s the blue tape you can see. If you’re too lazy to clean your mats like I am this is a great alternative!

Once you have your vinyl cut peel up the outside of the cut so it looks like a sticker.

Cut out a piece of clear contact paper. (I bought a huge roll at Walmart and have never had to buy another one.) Peel up your contact paper and place it over your vinyl to create a transfer. Use a credit card or Cricut tool to scrape the letters of the vinyl cut onto the contact paper so they will stick and peel off the white part of the vinyl that you aren’t going to use.

You should now have the contact paper with the vinyl transfer on it. Use the contact paper as your guide and place it onto the water bottle how you want it to look. Press down and using the credit card or Cricut tool gently run the vinyl to transfer it to the water bottle.

Now that your vinyl is stuck to the water bottle you are going to remove the contact paper. With easy movements peel off the contact paper from the water bottle leaving the vinyl transfer. If the vinyl comes up while you are peeling up the contact paper press it down again and try rubbing jus the letters with your thumb nail.

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