How to layer heat transfer vinyl *easy project idea

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Layering vinyl is one of those really intimidating projects that seem hard at first. But in the end turn out to be one of the most fun crafts you can make with your Cricut.

Being a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I wanted to make a shirt but with something more of a minimalist look. I choose the glasses and lighting bold because it was something I knew I could scale down and make it a cute graphic on the side of a T-Shirt. I have made shirts like this before, the manifesting shirt on another blog post is also in this style. Furthermore, I love the way these shirts look. You can still have fun graphics or sayings on the Tee’s without anything looking like a kid shirt.

I used a Cricut brand gray V Neck for this shirt that I bought on-sale at Jo-anns but feel free to use any brand shirt you have. My favorites are the Bella Canvas. I didn’t really like the Cricut brand shirts any better than the Bella ones anyway. You can be also used thrifted shirts, but just make sure the fabric has a lot of good life left to it in.

Find or download an SVG that you would like to use for your project. I made this Harry Potter Wizard inspired SVG after searching around a bit for something I wanted to represent Harry Potter. I also thought the sunglasses and lighting bolt would look cute together as a layered project.

Upload your SVG in Cricut Design Space

Upload your SVG into your Cricut Design Space. Use your mouse and drag each shape off to separate everything like a puzzle. (See below) On the right hand side there is a menu where you will see your image broken up in different layers according to the colors.

Measure and size your SVG to how large you want it to appear on your shirt. For a small graphic on the side of my shirt, I usually size to about 4 inches.

This is the layering part. After you have sized your SVG, go back over to the right hand side menu and select one of the eye icons so the layer will disappear. The layer that disappeared will leave a space in the remaining imagery of where it goes. Cut the layer left on your Design Space out as you normally would. When you are ready to cut the next layer, select the next layer and unselect the layer you just cut to make that one now invisible. Now repeat the process for all layers involved.

After you have cut out all your vinyl pieces, place the bottom most piece on your shirt first. In my case, it was the glasses graphic. You can see the missing space where the lighting bolt goes. Using your heat press, or an iron, press your vinyl for only five seconds. Wait for the vinyl to cool and pull off the clear transfer layer. This is because the entire piece can only be pressed for 15 seconds, so we will do each piece in sections.

Bringing it all together

Take the next layer and place it on top, filling the gap with the vinyl you just pressed like a puzzle. If there is any exposed vinyl, cover it with the previously used clear transfer sheet. Press again for 5 seconds. If this is your last piece, you can press for a full ten seconds. Wait for the vinyl to cool and peel off the clear transfer.

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