Easy Cricut earring tutorial and FREE earring SVG template

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I think it was Joanna Gains, queen of home trends, who made these Cricut leather earrings a popular staple. Tear drop shaped dangle faux leather earrings. But if you head to any boutique or gift shop you can usually find them in a stand or display. Lots of crafters make them for gift-giving or to sell. Learn to make them yourself with this easy to follow Cricut earring tutorial!

My tutorial is a little different as I didn’t want to purchase a new blade for my Cricut Explore. I wanted to find a simple way to make these cute faux leather earrings with out having to recut leather over and over, or pick up an additional blade (that retails for over 50$ at Michael’s.) So I spent a few hours going over how to create earrings from materials that I already had with the blade that came with my Cricut.

I have a Cricut Air Explore 2 , but since I chose materials that are easily cut, you can make these earrings with any Cricut machine. So for this project I had Cricut brand Faux suede sheets that I used to create the faux leather part of the earring. I found that using faux suede is super easy for your Cricut to cut and also doesn’t roll up on the sides like faux leather does so this Cricut earring tutorial is a little easier and great for beginners!

What you’ll need

Cricut machine with regular blade

Cricut brand faux suede (or any thin suede material)

Two jump rings (to connect the earring piece to the hook)

Two earring hooks

One of my daughters makes earrings so I asked her for the earring pieces. However they were just something we just picked up at Michael’s. Earring hooks and jump rings come in packages and you can’t really buy just one or two. But once you start making earrings you may want to make them for friends and family since they are so fun to make! ๐Ÿ™‚

What you’ll do

The first thing you’ll do in this Cricut earring tutorial is download our free earring SVG template here. Extract the zip file and upload the SVG into your Cricut Design Space. If you have any questions on how to download our SVGs, extract zip files, or upload into your Cricut Design Space you can find our tutorial on that right here.

Adjust your settings in Cricut Design Space to Faux Suede in the leather category as shown in the image above.

Once you have your earring template in Cricut Design Space measure how large you want your earrings. I usually like mine approx. 2 to 2.5 inches but feel free to size them up or down according to your personal style.

Place your faux suede on your cutting mat. So I always use the blue tape method because my mats are no longer sticky. To do this simply place blue painters tape on the around the edges of your cutting material. Make sure to bring your project inward in Cricut Design Space so you don’t cut through the tape.

After you cut your design out week out your earring piece making sure to pole the little hole at the top that joins your earring together.

Using a pair of small pair of plyers open your jump ring and slide on your earring hook and faux suede earring piece. Close your jump ring to secure the two pieces to stay together.

That’s it! Super simple, no multiple cuts, no crazy blade purchases in this super easy Cricut earring tutorial!

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